Rosh Chodesh Shailos



Dear Rabbi, I desire so much to honor Rosh Chodesh and to add in eating and also a special festive meal and I ask if I could d fulfill the Mitzvah properly by eating my Seuda at a kosher restaurant or will it be better to eat at my apartment and make the seudah there? Also I had made an appointment to fix my car on Wednesday with mechanic before realizing that Wednesday is Rosh Chodesh. Should I cancel and reschedule the appointment for another day to properly honor Rosh Chodesh? I thank you so much Chodesh Tov Devorah


To the Questioner, 

Please excuse the delay in this answer. 

It is wonderful that you wish to honor the Rosh Chodesh. May you be able to carry this out consistently and may it be a big merit for you in your life. 

1. If you make a special meal in honor of Rosh Chodesh that is fine. It does not have to be in a restaurant.

2. It is permissible on Rosh Chodesh to do work. Only for women is it customary not to do certain chores that involve much effort, such as washing, ironing, embroidering, and sewing.