Kosher Energy Work



I am interested in energy work and I was wondering if there is a “kosher” 
Way of doing energy work and if so, which books or courses would you recommend?


To the Questioner, 

Whenever healing is practiced in a way that the results which are acheived have no logically explainable explanation to them, it is prohibited based on the Torah priohibition of  "U'v'chukoseihem Lo Sailaichu" - "do not follow in their ways" (Vayikra 18:3, Yoreh Deyah, Rama 178:1). So, in general, all energy work which uses energies which are undetectable through any physical means in order to achieve results is prohibited. 

However, to balance one's system spiritually is really from the core of Torah when done in the right way. 

The mistake that many people have - which can lead to energy work being considered totally prohibited and even involve extremely serious Torah transgressions such as Avodah Zara - is when they perform any type of energy work without connecting it back to the Creator of the World. Traditional Orthodox Religious Jewish belief is that all energy in the world is only a manifestation of the Source of that energy, who is the Creator of the World, and therefore worship is appropriate only to Him. When anyone who practices energy work attributes importance or focuses on the energies as separate entities without acknowledging that the metaphysical laws that govern them are all directly controlled by the Creator of the World, their practices may border on transgressions that are equivalent to idol worship. Therefore the only kosher way of doing energy work is to follow the rules that the Creator has set forth in the Torah for the appropriate flow of the energies. 

There are numerous ways that we do energy work spiritually in our daily Torah practices, like being present through focus on anavah,  connection to the Creator through focus on the spiritual relationship, and the unification back to the Creator of the spiritual energies that are found in the daily experiences that surround us  - just to mention some. 

A suggested reading with introductions and instructions as to how to connect the energies in our daily lives in a kosher, Torah way is: "It's All for the GOOD" (

May you merit to use your abilities in a way that will help you reach the spiritual energy balance that we have passed down will help to make you a recipient of that great benevolent energy that flows down to us daily from the Creator, blessed be He, and as such, to help yourself and others to access the connection and complete life that they aspire to reach. 

With blessings, 
Rav Nachum